Accelerate Communication Across Generations

These 1-day, in-depth development workshops are focused on communication in a multi-generational workforce.

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Take Ownership of Your Career

  • — Build trust & respect in a multi-generational workforce —
  • — Influence & persuade across generations —
  • — Resolve conflict —


James Pogue

For over 20 years James H. Pogue, Ph.D has worked with companies and colleges to create bridges between the various generations in the workforce; Multi-Generational Leadership. From Gen X to Millennials to Baby Boomers and now Generation Z, James uses his unique ability to translate the experiences of a generation into policies and practices that connect people throughout the organization. Currently, he is partnering with WFF to provide their food industry partners across the country to improve success in recruiting, retaining and engaging across generations.

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Anna Liotta

Anna Liotta is an award-winning speaker, consultant and author who engages and energizes national audiences with her practical strategies for attracting, growing and retaining top talent and loyal clients from every generation. Her unique inter-disciplinary approach integrates the crucial elements of communications, sociology, business psychology and demography. As the creator of Generationally Savvy™ Communication Solutions, her expertise and approach have helped such companies as Pike Place Fish, Intel, Wells Fargo, Office Max, United Way and Merrill Lynch.

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Multi-Generational Intelligence: Build Trust & Respect Across Generations

Speaker : James Pogue, Ph.D

As any leader will attest, a productive team is key to every successful organization. Most people are used to working with people from all walks of life, but what happens when teams are comprised of colleagues from different generations? In this illuminating session, you’ll learn how to drive positive outcomes and build trust across generations in the workplace. We’ll explore how this is done by embracing our differences and drawing on the unique strengths each generation brings to the table.

Communicating Across Generations: Influence & Persuasion

Speaker: Anna Liotta

Strong interpersonal skills, credibility, empathy and authenticity are the hallmarks of a confident leader. This thought-provoking session will explore how to use influence and persuasion to get what you need. We’ll also discuss how to use your influence to help propel ideas forward, and how to effectively communicate across all levels and generations.

Communicating Across Generations: Conflict Resolution

Speaker: Anna Liotta

Conflict is an inevitable part of being human. The same goes for conflict in the workplace, but there are steps that can be followed to decrease or even avoid conflict. In this session, we’ll examine and analyze methods proven to increase collaboration and decrease conflicts and the stress they create. We’ll also discuss how to build trust with colleagues, manage conflict during critical conversations, and leverage the importance and impact of perception across all generations. In addition, we’ll explore ways to use emotional intelligence to guide responses.